‘cartref yw lle mae’r traeth’
-Home is where the beach is-

Home is where the beach is, a collection inspired by the entrancing rock formations and textures found within the coastline, intertwined with hand drawn elements and the use of hand printed and digitally design techniques. My colour palette consits of muted, subdued hues that bring a sense of calmness and serenity to my collection.


Term Three – Field

To reflect on my progress throughout this module and level 6, I could never have imagined producing a body of work like I have for the degree show. I understand now that the previous modules were good practise to prepare us for our final project and looking back over my previous work, I feel I have come a long way and this project has prepared me as a designer and I now feel I have the confidence as an individual to stride in whatever career path I choose. The professional manner we have been working in has become second nature to me as a designer, I have began to use my own initiative and take decisions and feedback on board in a way that is constructive and useful for my work. I have had to consider every element of my collection, this has made me think like a professional and work in a way that is organised and punctual. Time and general organisation is something I have improved the most from level 4 and something I am very proud of.

This project is very personal to me and I feel this theme suits my style and personality as a individual. I feel my theme was portrayed exactly how I had hoped in my final show and my collection, I have created a mood that shows throughout my whole project. As this project is inspired by my hometown beaches, I have gathered lots of primary research, this is something I have thoroughly enjoyed and drawing more frequently and learning different ways to draw has been very useful. Not getting caught up my drawings by producing quick sketches as helped a lot with the creating imagery stage in preparation for designing. I have discovered my own personal style that I will carry out throughout the rest of my professional career. I have developed a very graphic, linear style that is intertwined with loose, free hand drawings and continuous line marks. I feel this style suits my imagery for this project that is based around the rocks, formations and textures found on the coastline in beaches in Pembrokeshire.

I am really surprised with certain elements of this module that I have enjoyed over other things. I have always enjoyed working with colour and print throughout my three years in University and I feel I have excelled further in my hand printed and surface pattern skills, but surprisingly I have really enjoyed working digitally and working with Photoshop to create designs. Turning my drawings into designs and working with more than one motif is something I find very rewarding, seeing a simple drawing being turn into elaborate design gives me a positive attitude towards my own work and makes all the hard work seem worthwhile. I have really enjoyed working with CAD visuals throughout this module which is another element of the course I have surprised myself with. I had struggled with this software throughout previous years and over time I have developed a skill which now enables me to produce, realistic visuals using my designs and something I feel very happy with. I feel these digital design skills will be very important when job hunting and are skills I can carry on after University.

The actual degree show build was very exciting and with the help of my fabulous buddies I feel I achieved everything I wanted to achieve. These two weeks were massive steps for me, I took my own initiative and seeing my other peers gather so much input from tutors and other peers around them, this encouraged me to independently put together my space and take my own initiative. I wanted this project to be all me and I feel taking on feedback is very important but using it to work with your own ideas is what makes is yours. I feel very proud of my space and having a huge sense of achievement knowing it was all my own ideas. If I could of improved anything, I would have created more hand printed designs using different more techniques. In this project I wanted to work with design techniques that I wasn’t as confident in, like digital designs on photoshop. I have always enjoyed working with hand printing techniques so I really pushed myself to work outside my comfort zone. This meant I created fewer hand printed designs but I now feel confident in all elements of the course which is a positive thing to reflect on.

I feel this project has really helped me put everything into perspective and I can now decide on the things I have enjoyed and things I have struggled with, to help me visualise what career path I want to take in later life. I now feel clear who I am as a designer and I will be using my body of work from this collection to show other designs and buyers the skills I have in these areas. I feel my communication skills and ever growing confidence I have developed throughout University will be assets that can assist me with interviews and job opportunities, making me feel able to take on anything.

To conclude, I feel this module was the right step we needed to take after level 4 and 5. All the work we put into practise throughout University has all come together and has prepared us for out professional careers after we graduate. I feel great sadness for it to all be over, but these three years have taught me a lot and I am very grateful of all the help and shoots I have received throughout my time here.


Term Three – Field

This week I have been working on some more CAD visuals for my final deadline on Friday! I want a wide variety of my final designs on products that relate to my theme. I am really enjoying using more than one design on the image and working with a mixture of products.

I will be displaying a case visual along with a photograph in my degree show space. This is a skill o feel I have developed on a lot throughout my time in university and is a skill I can take with me for the rest of my professional career.



Term Three – Field

I decided I wanted to include a bench for my degree show space at the very beginning of this module, I also wanted one with a cushioned seat for comfort. I have experimented with different dying processes on a variety of materials not only for this project but throughout my time at University. I wanted to use this acquired skill to my advantage and dye my own fabric to create a coloured cushion cover for the bench.

I wanted the cover to break up the greyness from my space and a pop of colour has definitely done the trick. I recorded some of my dye processes in the hot acid dye baths in the first term and I used these methods to create the final product. I am over the moon with the final cover and although it is brighter than some of the colours in my collection, this is inactive the original colour from my palette and I feel it works very well along side my final products and my collection.

I used 1 tsp of Violet
1/2 tsp of Scarlet
1/4 of Golden yellow
This process took about 15 minutes with frequent stirs to ensure the entire piece of fabric is being dyed at a similar pace.


Field – Term Three

So the first week of the buddy system is over and it has been a very busy week to say the least. My delightful two buddies are Jess and Subha, who have been a tremendous help throughout the week! I have tried to even out the jobs between the two and keep them busy with daily to do lists. I myself have been busy elsewhere in the University, so writing down jobs to do makes everyones lives that bit easier.

Jess has been very busy painting my wall, bench and photo frames. We came to the decision to go with my idea to paint a feature wall in my space a steel grey to match my bench. Jess pushed this decision and I am very pleased now, seeing the final outcomes. Jess has also helped me with magic tapping some of my final samples at the beginning of the week and has been very honest and supportive with my ongoing work.

Subha has been taking care of the fiddly jobs in the stitch room, things like heading my final samples and overlocking my space samples. One job Subha carried out which I have found incredibly useful is preparing mini samples for my press packs. I have included small samples of my handprinted designs, which have been further overlocked for my press packs. I feel some of these small tedious jobs have saved me a lot of time.

Overall I feel the buddy system has been massively beneficial for my in preparation for my final degree show. I feel a lot more on track and relaxed about the week ahead and with the help of my buddies the following week I hope I can get everything ready in time for Friday.


Field – Term Three

I feel my press packs are particually important to me, as I am exhibiting my work at new designs this year. I have included things like my postcards, business cards and CV but one thing I have added are mini samples of my hand printed designs. I created some mock up, sample designs at the beginning of the project that I was initially going to mount in my technical file, but I decided I wanted to add some of my physical work into my press pack in order for possible clients to touch and feel the fabrics, gaining knowledge of my handprinted style.

I feel smaller versions of my design make them very strong and the overlocked edge is very professional and is something different, as I have been working with magic tape for my final samples. I have also labelled each pack with my logo, it is important to get my logo noticed around the show and new designers. I am now very excited to hand over my press packs during my show and in new designers.