Field – Term Two



Field – Term Two

Today I presented my work to the external examiner Stephanie Tuckwell. I was very nervous to begin as I was unsure of how I was going to present myself and my work. Looking back, I believe I covered the overall aims and objectives of my project, in the 10 minute time frame we were allocated.

One thing we discussed was my next steps in regards to my project. I will further develop my collection by grouping together my ‘hero’ designs and working on more to reach my goal of 20 designs. I will also try to print some of my current designs onto fabric that I will be using to create my final products.

I wanted to try and create more designs in order to select my favourites later on in the project. have created some simple, linear prints from a lino design I have previously printed with. I really like the graphicy effect it has and this is style I plan to achieve throughout all the designs in my collection. The lines are a representation of some of the veins found of rocks and pebbles, relating to my theme.

The images below are an example of scale experimentation. I used the image as if it were a motif and scaled the size down, further turning it into a repeat to create a smaller scale print. I very much like this effect and I will continue to experiment with scale throughout the duration of this project.



Field – Term Two

I wanted to create a separate blog post on my fabric experiment using my new screen. I have previously dyed fabrics in the print room, ready to be printed one. I dyed different fabrics, one of which was quite a thick cotton as I plan to print onto a rag style rug so wanted to see how the dye would take to a weaved fabric.

I tried overlapping one on my prints with a the lighter turquoise colour from my palette which was quite faded, but I did like the effect it had looking closer at the sample and I will try to experiment more with this overlapping techniques when printing on more dyed fabric samples.

I also experimented with lighter fabrics like silk. I wanted all of my final products to be made using natural fabrics and this silk was made from bamboo.
I really liked the effect with the way the fabric hangs and the folds, I feel it worked well with the lines and movements in my screen print. I feel this brings out a real abstract feel to my designs, which is something I planned to achieve.



Field – Term Two

So after a very busy week, today I finally got the chance to play around with my new screen in the print room! My designs have come straight from my design book, some continuous line and bling drawing I created. I really like the linear, graphic effect these designs have, inspired from structures of rocks and landscapes.

I started with mixing four colours from my palette and printing straight onto paper, this was a way for me to test out my screen before printing onto fabric.
I am very happy with the results and I think the graphic, abstract effect I wanted to achieve really came through. I particularly like how I have worked with scale and tried different sizes, the composition has worked very well with this size. Next week I will try to achieve some actual designs and used some of my dyed fabrics to print on. I feel this print will work really well on top of some of dyes fabric samples.



Field – Term Two

As well as my visit to Anthropologie today, I found the time to look around another interior based store that was relevant to my project. HABITAT!
This is again, another store that I have never visited in person, but with a 40% off everything in store sale, I was bursting to have a look around. The store wasn’t as full as usual, but what they did have left was lovely. I found lots of rugs and cushions, bursting with print and colours that were very inspiring and helped me visual how a repeat print pattern would work using different scale. I have experimented with scale some more this project and the screen I have developed is an image I have blown up that will look fantastic printed onto a rug for my final project.

I was about the leave the shop when I got lured in again by these beautiful, porcelain mugs, I couldn’t say no at £5.88 for the lot. What a bargain!


Field – Term Two

Following up my visit to the Chelsea Harbour Interior Showrooms, I spent time looking around some shops in the Chelsea area in order to gather some primary research. I was lucky enough to come across Anthropologie, one of my market competitors which made me rather excited to venture around.

I feel very inspired after visitng the shop, I have only ever viewed their products online so to touch and feel them in the flesh was very exciting. I found most of the colours used in their collection were very pale and muted, like my own palette for this project. I also noticed a lot of the imagery and patterns they used on their products had a beach feel to them and techniques like marbling were used. It gave me the confidence to pursue my theme and ideas I have for the future.

I couldn’t resist temptation and bought a couple of items to take home with me. I purchased a woven fabric coaster and a printed marble napkin. Although I will not be designing any products with the use of weaving and stitch, I thought the colours were beautiful and some of the fabrics I will be using to create my products with be woven fibres.
The napkin on the other hand was exactly what I was hoping to find as part of my primary research. Not only does it fit my colours palette but it has a marble pattern on it which is a technique I have experimented with and I am pleased to see my theme is bang on trend at the moment.


Field – Term Two

HyperFocal: 0showrooms 2018

It’s that time of year again. London Design Week and it has been such a fabulous day! It is an amazing opportunity, especially as my project will be interior based, and as I enjoyed my time here last year I decided to take the opportunity and experience it all over again.

I wanted to pick out designers and products that were most similar to my own work, with landscapre and rock fomation inspired print. I wanted to focus also on subdued, muted colours that could help me visualise these colours on a co-ordinating collection


“An abstract landscape motif evokes untouched mountain scenery. This fabric features a modern digital print on a relaxed linen satin; collages marble structures with soft silhouettes in warm, earthy shades convey Nordic elegance.”


Some of the patterns and designs from this collection were inspired from landscape and rocks. I loved the subtle grey and blue tones that really creating a calming and relaxed sense of style to the prints. I was also a big fan of some of the more abstract designs that used natural shapes that reminded me of some of the rock fomations I had researched at the beginning of my project.