St Fagans Trip

As part of our current module, we were taken out as a group for our directed independent study day at St Fagans national history museum. After being handed out brief we had the opportunity to explore the museum in small groups and carry out the 4 exercises.I can remember visiting this place as a child on school trips so I assumed I was familiar with the surroundings there. Not long after arriving I realized it had been a LONG time since I had been here and I did not recognize it at all. Fortunately, along with that came the chance to explore some of the amazing gardens and building.

Some exercises in the brief allowed us to really open our eyes as to how we see things, we were told to draw things for how we see them and not how we imagine them so for the blind contour drawings it was a fun way to do quick drawings and have no hang ups about how they turned out. I found this exercise very useful and here are some of the outcomes:

IMG_1797[1] IMG_1799[1] IMG_1798[1]
We visited in late October so the scenery was as picturesque as imagined with a crunch after every step and the occasional chance of catching a falling leave if really was the perfect time to visit.

During my visit here I managed to capture some photographs of the flowers, shrubbery scenery around the gardens. Here are a few I took below:

GARDENS AND SCENERY – Photographs taken whilst exploring the garden.

FLOWERS – I even managed to capture a bee landing on a flower.

Whilst inside the beautiful manor house I discovered some beautiful wallpaper with a vintage print I would like to try with print or stitch.

I really enjoyed this trip as drawing is an aspect of the course I really enjoy and being able to draw as freely and independently as we wished was something I feel helped me out with my drawings a lot and definitely expanded my mind of the different ways a sketch can be made.IMG_1095[1]



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