Print week 2 | Dye Baths

During our second week in stitch we spent the morning experimenting with the use of dye baths. We helped decided on 3 colours and were then given plastic blocks to use as a resist between the fabric and the clamp. I found out that some materials worked better than others and some colours produced a much stronger and visualant result than others. Leaving some of the clamps in the dye whilst on break/lunch gave the colour chance to develop


I like the above print the most out of the ones I made. I created the pattern by folding the material several times before placing in between the clamps, then replacing the resist with a slightly larger circle block I put back in the dye. This gave the edge of the circle a graduated effect added to the subtlety of the colours that were developed. I reused the repeated pattern technique again after having such good results.

After having a look through I found that a lot of my prints didn’t come out as bold as I had hoped for. It was was mainly the blue and pink dye bath that didn’t show up so well on the fabric.

Where as one fabric we used seemed to take really well to the dye and produced a very strong dark pink / red colour, the purple dye took very to the fabric also. I was very happy with the red print below and wanted to use on my board for my formative hand in.
I got this lovely patterned effect by scrunching the fabric together and place in between the resist blocks and clamp.

We later got to experiment with other ways of dying the fabric like; using string to tie around objects to create different effects. I don’t have any pictures of any samples from this technique as the string was not tied tight enough around the resist resulting in a very dull, faded colour which unfortunately hardly shown on camera.


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