Week 3 | Print

H E A T | P R E S S

During the third week of our print workshops we were shown the heat press printing technique. This was new to me so I was very excited and intrigued to give it ago.

I mainly focused on leaves and shrubbery I collected to use for my designs. These were used as a resist between the fabric creating interesting patterns. I painted some backgrounds on my fabric also which worked really well underneath my prints. Complementing colour and texture.


As well as leaves I used things like doilies and lace as an act as resist which came through beautifully on the fabric. By using paler, muted colours it complimented this as the marks from the lace were very delicate and subtle. I used some much stronger colours to make certain prints more visible.


I tried to experiment with pattern in a different way by painting directly onto my resist objects creating a compatible outcome with some backgrounds. I love that pale oranges that were used against the green in this print. I wanted to interpret natural colours as the resist object used were natural also.

I found that using too much paint would leak in the press resulting in a smudged and clogged up print. By looking through some of the ones that didn’t turn out so well I recognized that some prints shown up a lot clearer on paper.

This was a technique I REALLY enjoyed, print is an element of the course that is very important to me as I love colour and pattern so learning new methods of printing will always be enjoyable for me.

(I also collected some of the leaves I used in the press as the colours and patterns left on them worked well as a display in my file and it wasn’t worth them going to waste)


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BA textiles - Cardiff School of Art and Design

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