Week 4 | Print

During of forth and final week of print we were shown the technique shirbori. The was also a new technique to me but I have seen a lot of shibori pieces and have been intrigued for a while to see how it was done.

Prior to this workshops we were required to bring in small round objects to be used as part of the technique; this was to be tied around that fabric using string.(I later learnt that maybe small elastic bands would have made life a lot easier).
I used 5p’s, 1p’s, nails, bottle tops and screws to be tied around the fabric, when we were happy with the arrangement and amount they were then placed in the dye. During the start of the workshop we were required to chose a handful of colours to be mixed into the dye baths.

– This print shows the different objects I tied around the fabric to create this design. I also decided to create a graduated effect by allowing only 80% of the fabric to sit inside the dye bath. I love the outcome of the effect.

– this effect was also created a similar method as below but only I am a lot happier with the outcome as the colour is a lot bolder and compliments the technique a lot more. I decided after the print had dried to iron it out and this shows the marks and patterns on the print perfectly.

– For the design below I used just a singular nail that was very long giving me room to wrap the string around hoping for a swirly effect. I feel the colour of this sample was very weak and faint. This was due not leaving it in the dye bath long enough.


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