London Trip – Constellation

As part of my constellation study group for After Modernism my group and me were taken to London to visit the Tate Modern and the Tate Britain Museums. I found the whole experience very overwhelming, only visiting London a handful of time and to the museums once previously it was so fantasizing to see the beautiful city and I was so taken back by just how busy and large the city actually way as I was travelling through. Coming from a small town in the countryside the city life completely memorizes me and I cannot get enough of the scenery.Sigmar-Polke-at-Michael-Werner

During our time at the Tate Modern we looked at some of the art movements we had been studying and discussing in class and were also given free time to discover some of the artwork we were interested in independently and take a look around the museums and discussed minimalist and post minimalist artwork by artists Donald Judd, Frank Stella, Richard Serra and Lucio Fontana as well as many others.

One of the most interesting parts of the trip was getting a chance to visit the EY Exhibition – world goes pop. Taking a journey through the history of pop was an amazing experience as a lot of the work was familiar to me and I recognized a lot of the artwork that was displayed from previous studies in class, so seeing them in the exhibition was surreal for me. It was interesting to learn more about the artists and where the work came from. Before visiting the Tate Britain we were given free time to check out the city independently and during my time here I got the chance to meet up with a friend studying in London. Grabbing a bite to eat and exploring the city some more was fantastic and the trip was such an eye opening experience for me as it is always visiting London.


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