National Botanical Gardens of Wales | Trip

Monday 23rd November 
Compulsory to our course, we recently got the chance to visit the National Botanical Gardens of Wales. This was the first time I had ever visited, I was completely overwhelmed from the moment I stepped foot inside and was intrigued to visit somewhere new. As a group we were given a tour around the dome, being given information about what came from where and what conditions they live in.

The size of the gardens were huge and so deceiving from outside the entrance.

The view from outside the dome: I love the illusion it’s peaking over the hill.

The view from the inside: I tried to capture the domes beautiful shape and structure.

During my time here I also got the chance to take a lot around the tropical heat house, this is a very humid and damp place. The temperature is kept at a much higher level in order for the pants to survive. I enjoyed this place especially as being such a cold day it was an opportunity to get in from the cold and do some detailed drawings.

I was intrigued by some of the distorted shapes the trees had formed, they were massively different in comparison to the tree growing just outside of the house.


It was obviously that some of the flowers and leaves growing inside here looked exotic, they were massively different from the flowers I see growing in the UK. Some of the textures and the appearances of them seamed like rubber, almost like fake remodels.


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