Stitch week 3 | Dissolvable Fabric

During our third week of stitch we we taught how to use dissolvable fabric. This was a completely new experience for me as I had never used this material before. IMG_1882[1]I found it a little tricky at first and my practice sample didn’t go as I had hoped. I made the mistake of not moving the needle fast enough resulting in tears and holes in the fabric as well as the thread dropping due to me not using vertical line through my horizontal ones.
After trying a few more I found the exercise a lot easier. I used some of the drawing from the museum visit for my designs. I used a simple leave design for my second attempt and it turned out a lot better than my first one.

The leaf print below was taken from one of the books I looked at during our museum visit, It is a close up image of a petal from an iris flower.

The flower below is again taken from one of the books in the museum, this time i decided to draw the whole iris and it turned out perfectly. I made sure the lines were all joined to prevent the thread dropping once the fabric had dissolved and dried. I am also very pleased with the thread colour I used, its was a perfect match. I also decided to use more than one thread which also worked very well with my design.


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