Material Matters | Formative Hand in

Today was the our deadline for our subject module Material Matters. We were required to display 6 stitch samples and 6 print samples we believed were out best outcomes. Our second best to be lay out on the desk and third to be annotated and neatly put in our files. Each piece of work was mounted and ironed and our files, sketch and any loose sheets were to be in front of our boards to be assessed.

– This was before I completed my board so two are missing, I unfortunately do not have a completed image. I’ve spoke about pieces I want to display previous posts.

I struggled deciding on 12 which made I a challenge to set up my board but the whole process was an enjoyable experience for me. I love playing around with colour and pattern. I was initially nervous about presenting my work but after I got started and explained some of my ideas behind my samples I found myself a lot more relaxed.

Overall I am pleased with my hand in, I feel I could of gone for some stronger colours after getting my feedback. I wanted to use muted, pale colours but others commented on how it could have been a bit brighter to draw more attention. I appreciate this useful feedback off my peers


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