Mothers of Africa | Quilt

T O P | L E F T – H A N D | S Q U A R E

As a class before the Christmas holidays, we all participated in the making of a quilt to raise money and awareness for the charity Mothers of Africa. Each of us designed a square patch to be sown together and put up for auction within CSAD.

We got the incredible opportunity to meet and talk to a lovely Docter who lives and works in a small village in Zambia, Africa. Due to the lack of money the healthcare in Zambia is very limited and with one 4 doctors in the local hospital and 1 operating room, unfortunately this results in a very high death rate. The money raised will help fund the hospital and provide better healthcare.

I used opaque binder and pigment dye to create the burgundy colour which I think complemented the sandy colour of the fabric really well. Once the dye had dried I used a yellow thread to sew around the pattern giving it a defined finish. I enjoyed this small project as it was rewarding knowing how much of an amazing charity the money will be donated too as well as working together with my peers to create the quilt.


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