Future Generations conferences – Day 1


Today was the first day of the very diverse conference week and I was certain it was going to be something I have never experienced before. I entered both seminars open minded and very optimistic as I had no idea was to expect as this was  my first time attending a conference. I was hoping to learn new ideas and intrigued to hear what other people around the arts department has to say about the topics I had chosen.

Into the woods

I decided to chose into the woods in particular as I enjoy being outdoors and exploring nature so this was something that caught my eye and I was intrigued as to what it could be about. The main question that was revolved around the conference was:
“can children escape the screens?”
The women holding the conference works with young children and we looked at different ways artists and architectural designers can inspire the future generation to get outside and interact with nature. We looked at two schools, one in Bali and one in Fuji where designers built schools in a way that brings nature inside and closer to children, making it a safe environment for them to play and learn.

Bali – Indonesia

Fuji – Japan

“can we use technology to get young children more involved with nature?”.

We discovered that a lot of nurseries and early year schools are using gadgets to make fun games and activities to encourage more children to go outdoors. The debate was brought up by some that using gadgets to get children more involved with nature isn’t them necessarily escaping the screens, where as I was pleasantly surprised with how many children enjoyed using this method and argued it was a very cleaver idea.

Capacities for destruction

This was my second conference of day one and this one was one I preferred the most out of the two as I felt a lot more involved than the last conference as we were encouraged to interact with other people in the group as well as the people holding the chat. Being in a fairly large group we were split into a smaller group and worked together to discuss some topics that was brought to discussion and I found is very interested to see what other people had to say and to get myself really thinking about the question:

“what habits do we have that effect the world?”
we brain stormed some of the man made things we thought effected the world and I was surprised by how a lot of day-to-day things we do can be so damaging to the environment.




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