Future Generations Conference – Day 2

My second day of conference week and after experiencing what the first day of conferences was about and getting an idea of how I though they were going to be I decided to venture out my comfort zone completely and chose two topics I was unsure about and two that not necessarily looked interesting to me but two that I was intrigued to learn more about.

Illustrating the future

This was my first conference of the day and I decided to chose this topic as I imagined and hoped it would be related to illustrations and drawing. I was intrigued to possibly learn something new that could help work skills relevant to me.

I was directed to the heart space where we were split into groups of four and given a small project. The question was passed around the groups “what it art?”.
As a group we firstly decided together what are thoughts were about the question and what we imagined it to be, we then had access to supplied materials and told create something from the question we were given. This project I found kind of tricky as I wasn’t sure what we were expected to produce but the idea was that we decide what the answer is and what we want to create as a group.

We decided to make something sculptural using all over are own ideas and combining them to make a finished piece we then hung and displayed off the balcony in the heart space and finished off by sharing what we had created with the rest of the group. This work shop was an enjoyable and new way to develop my teamwork skills and was definitely different from how i imagined it would be when I signed up for it.

Diving into future through ritual and mask making



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