Up-cycling denim | Future Generations.

To start out future generations project for out field module, we began with an up-cycling denim project. The idea was to create something new from old, unwanted denim. I started with two old pares of jeans, one pair slightly flared.
IMG_2028[1]I also brought in some unwanted fabric and clothing that I could include in my work. The flared jeans gave me the idea to look into 70′ style. I also found some fabric that I think would work with the style.

I started by deconstructing the jeans and making 4 panels. I then took off the pockets and some pockets from other jeans I brought in. I wanted to included it all so I used the 4 panels from the jeans and sewn down the sides connecting them into an a-line style skirt. I mainly focused on the pockets, I made a little collection of pockets I had reconstructed using different stitch setting along with embroidery with the fabric. I also used some of the patterns fabric to sew onto the pockets for extra detailing.

I enjoyed this project as I got to experiment different stitch techniques but also up cycling old materials to contribute to the future generations in a sustainable and useful way. I feel with what I created could definitely be developed further in print. I am very excited about this!




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BA textiles - Cardiff School of Art and Design

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