Future Generations Project | Week 1

DAY ONE – Interdisciplinary // Collaboration 

Today was day of our Future Generations project. We were set into large groups with different students from each discipline in CSAD.

We started as a whole group by looking at the work of Steve Reich and watching some of his videos on clapping music, we were than set into smaller groups to create our own version of a song from claps with seven beats. We spend the morning rehearsing and as a class we shared our clapping verses and collaborated with other groups.
The afternoon we focused on a different task. We were given keywords and in our smaller groups we had to decide what the words meant to us and what initially came to mind.

We had words such as;IMG_1721[1]
– Together
– Nature
– War
– Babylon
– Optimism
– Peace

I found this a really useful activity, it
was interesting to see what everyone
else in the class had put and to share
the ideas behind the drawings.

 – Project Indroduction


Invisible Cities | Thin Cities
Day two we were allocated to chapter arts museum where we were put into our initial groups for the project and explained what about project brief would be.Each group were given a different city and firstly we had to decide what we believe the city was portrayed as. Taking notes and brainstorming ideas we collaterally concluded the same perspective of what the city would look like. I was very happy with what my group had came up with as it opened a lot of doors as to where we could follow these ideas to make a piece.


We came up with some points that were made in the statement to help us with our design ideas. This did put our ideas into perspective for what we wanted to create.
In the city there is no actual talk of water, is the water really there or is that just what the statement wants us to believe when reading it.
There’s nothing that makes is sound like a city except the water pipes running through the land, we believed it could be something rural, a natural land or not a human habitat.

 Are we explores/observers?
 We see the creatures but do they see us?
 Are the creatures here imagining a time before tragedy?
 Can we have Utopia without Dystopia?


As the project was on collaboration, we wanted each discipline to be visually obvious as there were a few different disciplines in our group, but we also wanted to design a piece that tied them all together in a way that was visually connected as well as cultivated.

Each piece had to be on a meter long piece of paper so we decided to make it out of fabric for originality, I sewed the fabric together myself to interpret (Textiles) into the piece.

The pipes were buffed by Jason (Fine Art) to show the idea that the nymphs are lonely in this land and look at their own reflections in the pipes.

Catherine (Graphics) drew some key words onto the piece which we think describes the world we were given.

Jess (Artist Maker) used clay to reinterpret the nymphs, we came up with the idea that they were supernatural looking creatures as human had been driven away.


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