Future Generations Project | Week 2

Deadline Day 
Monday 15th February was the deadline for our group projects. In our groups we presented our pieces we had made, using our independent study days the previous week to work on the project we finished and produced a hanging tapestry piece and spoke about our ideas in front on the class. After seeing everyone else’s presentations and see what they produced we discussed some of the thought and feelings we had about each others work. It was very pleasant to hear some of the lovely comments that were made and review other people work.

Today we were given a short task activity to do as a whole group. We were given four words.

We had to decide on a scale which were most important to make a city in the future and try to use our projects to help us decide.(Highest podium being most important and lowest podium being least important)
We came up with the theory that you need SOCIAL to work together to build an ENVIRONMENT to save CULTURE. We put ECONOMICS at the bottom as we decided money is the least important out of everything, most of our cities didn’t need money to work.

We used the post it notes to write how these linked to our cities in important from highest to lowest. We then used the string to make a link between each others cities, some cities were had similar values where as some were quite the opposite. The string was tidies from one end of a board and tied to the other one that was linked.

Overall I have enjoyed this project and the experience. I came into the project unsure of what it would be like and wasn’t very optimistic as I have been let down by fellow members of group in previous group projects. It was nice to work with a team that were as willing and had the same ideas as me. I was also very happy with the finished piece, I enjoyed playing around with different media and sharing ideas with my peers.

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