Up-cycling Denim | Development

F U T U R E | G E N E R A T I O N S
Following up to our 2 week up-cycling denim project for our field “future generations” module we were required to develop of denim creations further.

To start I researched other peoples designs on using up-cycled or reworked denim for inspiration. I came across a lot of interesting designs mostly being accessories and containers/storage objects.

I loved these ideas but after researching further I discovered a lot of designers have used denim to create very inventive interior furnishing. As interior is so important to me as a designer I was hoping this project was a chance to incorporate interior products into my work. I would also love to introduce print into my design.

Below are some examples of interiors used from denim.

The idea of also introducing other materials into my designs to show personal interests is something I want to include.

– I love the idea of using old cards and debit cards to create a imagery collage. I am renown for misplacing personal belongings like this this as well as forgetting to take them out with me. I think by using ideas like this (middle left) not only is it of up-cycling old cards but a reminder for myself whenever I see the photo frame.

After speaking to Helen about where I wanted to go with my ideas we spoke about making a wall hanging and incorporating interests into the piece. I like the previous work we did with botanical drawings and some of the leaves I collected and drew from around Bute Park and Llandaf Cathedral. I decided I want to use leave shapes to create pockets sew on to the wall hanging piece, creating a leaf shape hanging instead of a reformed shapes like a square, rectangle.

– Two of my own leaf drawings that inspired my theme.

By using bleach as a resists I want create negative colours behind the pockets and light prints of the leaves to create layered imagery. I am hoping to use the heat press using actual leaves as this is a technique I have already experimented with was really pleased with the outcomes. I also will be using a branch to hang the piece off incorporating the theme into my wall hanging.



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