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During this weeks print workshop we were introduced to three different printing techniques. All three were new to me so I was very excited to give them a go. I found that using equipment like the heat press and silk screens that we were familiar with and have used in previous workshops, it gave me the confidence to experiment when using these new techniques.

  • Foil
    This was the first out of the three techniques we were introduced to today and definitely my favourite. Firstly we applied glue to the fabric we want the foil to be printed on using a silk screen with our prints we exposed last week and then put through the heat press. I used this workshop time to work on my project as I wanted to include different print techniques in my final piece. I am hoping to use this print method again on my denim pieces.
  • Flock 
    The second was flock. This was a technique using the same method as above, we also used a silk screen to apply glue to the fabric then put through the heatpress but using a velvety fabric, I found it very interesting visually and physically. As I was overlaying my prints, this technique added texture to my prints giving it a unique edge.image
  • Puff
    The last technique we were shown was puff printing. We were required to mix a colour of our choice using pigment dye and “puff paste” then to print the mix onto our fabric using a silk screen. The fabric needed to be completely dry in order for the technique to have effect. To get the fabric to puff up we gently held the iron above fabric (making sure not to touch) and moving it around covering the whole print. I found this method very cleaver and useful on fabric. image– The outcome from all the techniques I learnt today on my fabric pieces. These are going to be the pockets I will sew on to my wall hanging and I am hoping to use these techniques again as well as screen printing on the rest of my final piece.



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