To kick off the new module for our last term, we were introduced to Lucy Richardson – Founder of company ‘Allihoppa’. The company is popular for producing greeting cards and gift wrap all digitally designed and printed. As Lucy is experienced in digital design she will be guiding us through this module.

I found it very exciting to here about Lucy’s business, myself having never used Photoshop or illustrator it was daunting to begin this module with no experience what so ever. Lucy started in Fashion and Textiles 10 years ago at University, then followed in the industry. She decided after losing her job due to recession to start her own business. This business was digital design and all self taught using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop books.

We briefly spoke about DDP (design development programme) and spoke about the importance of having a structured layout set from the start.
We will be following through these three stages;

Market definition > Concept Exploration > Detail Design

There were three themes to select from for this module;

– ‘Re-E-val-U-8’
Where the old becomes new. People strive for a bold portrayal of the classics. There’s a genuine feeling of ‘recognised newness’.  Think modern/ graphic life/irregular shapes/ brush strokes/ cut & paste.
– ‘Scanned Memory’
A Simplistic, purer and more ethically correct way of life: away from consumption, stress and rigid must-haves – towards favourites and a genuine feeling of well-being. Think x-rays/ see-through chic/ lightness/delicacy
Urban beat depicts a dynamic raw energy with a gritty undertone. A modern-metro – an edgy course, cool approach to design. Street strength/ graffiti/ industrial materials. 

T decided to go the the theme ‘Urban Beat’. This theme appealed to as I feel very passionately about graffiti and street art. I feel if we were required to select a theme independently I would have chosen one very closely to this one.

We were also required by Lucy to download 10 images of our choice to bring in revolving our selected themes. This helped Lucy get an idea of what understanding we got from the themes
Here are the 10 images I downloaded – 




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