On Tuesday the 12th on April we spend the morning and afternoon in Roath Park conservatory. We met Professor Richard Western and he briefly spoke to us about a recent app he had created called ‘MollyPic’. This app enables you to edit and manipulate images producing amazing digital designs. We spend the day exploring the conservatory, drawing images that could be used later on in our photoshop workshop later that day.
He explained how he has not had time to experiment much with the app yet due to it being created recently, it also is not being available for students yet so he kindly scanned everyone image individual to show us what it can do.

As well as drawing I collected some images I found particularly interesting and to remember my time here –


As it was a particularly lovely day, me and some of my classmates as a small group decided to take a further walk around the park and stop for some lunch at a near by cafe overlooking the river. This was my first time ever visiting Roath Park and it was a very enjoyable experience.


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