We started our first digital workshop today by having a short introduction to Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. This was my first time ever using Illustrator or Photoshop so I was very excited to be starting this workshop as the experience will be very useful when creating my mood-boards further on in the module.

This was a very basic induction, we began by creating shapes and experimenting with them. I did this by filling them with colour, adding edition shapes and deleting sections from them to create something we can develop further.
We then selected tools this would add shade around the edge of the shape, changing the texture, size, pattern and making it 3D.

– I repeated my shape and decided to have a play around with colour. This was a good way for me to learn some of the general shortcuts on the keyboard

– I then created shapes to experiment with textures, shadows and how to turn images and shapes 3D.

– I learnt from today’s session about the various colour setting and what the are used for: 
RBG Red / Green / Blue
This is light generated through the computer screen which means the lights (colours) are directed straight into the eye.
CYMKCyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black
This is light that reflected into the eye.

One of the most useful things I learnt from today’s session was the use of layers. Being able to over lap images by alternating the layers with be very useful again when creating our mood-boards. Being able to create a new layer allowed me to overlap images to create funky patterns and designs.
By duplicating selected layers and dragging them to form groups I could repeat my shape to create a repeated pattern. I could change the scale and rotation of these shapes to create distinct patterns.


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