Today we were given brief induction to colour by Lucy. This lecture was really to give the class a better understanding of how important colour can be and to help us when creating our own colour pallets for the remainder of the module.

With only three seconds . It is so crucial to decide colours within the first stage of DDP (Design Development Program) – Market Definition. It is important to create your own colour pallets before producing any designs as it creates a solid foundation for your work and will help you decide a suitable colour that compliments your designs. We also spoke about how when deciding on colours you should always consider cultural differences which should be researched if need be and the market age as colours may not be so appealing to one another depending on their age range.


HUE – what the colour is

CHROMA – how pure the colour is

SATURATION– the strength or weakness of the colour

VALUE – how light or dark the colour is

TONE – created by added grey to pure hue

SHADE – created by adding black to pure hue.

TINT – created by adding white to pure hue


BLUE – calm / sadness / honestly / responsible

GREEN – nature / harmony / abundance / peaceful 

ORANGE – energetic / happiness / creativity

YELLOW – cheerful / optimistic / positivity 

WHITE – cleanliness / purity / virture

RED – love / anger : colour meaning can be changed by altering fonts, imagery etc

Branding / Understanding /  Personality
(Branding is dependent of the the colour for their products and logo.)
for example; Srcrumdiddly’s, Harrods and Bendylegs.


MONOCHROMATIC – made up of different tones, shades and tints within a different colour.

ANALOGOUS – using three colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel

COMPLIMENTARY – combining colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel

SPLIT COMPLIMENTARY –  use colours on either side of the colour wheel, opposite your basic colour.

TRIADIC – made up of colour equally spaced around the  12 spoke colour wheel

CUSTOM COLOUR SCHEME – a custom scheme isn’t based on anything,  your decision 

What is a colour board?

– One extension of the theme board
– It sets a visual platform for the brief
– It clearly defines the exact colours which sit with the theme creating solid foundations.

CMYK – anything printed
RGB – anything online
PANTONES – global colour reference system



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