Today we spent the afternoon creating a design to be laser cut onto wood, I used a stencil font and created the design on Adobe Illustrator. I tried to give my design a modern take by adding the squares around my name. This design was intended to be my project title to use as cover for this project.

I think this design fits well into my theme as well as using wood. I like the effect it has on the wood, it gives the design a rough edge and reminds me of some of the decayed images I used for my mood and colour boards. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and plan to create more design to cut on various materials at some point in this project.

Progression of my design being laser-cut:




During this mornings workshop, we were required to collect images together in preparation for this exercise. We looked at how to merge images together using illustrator.

I achieved this by:
 – Open two images (make sure both images are on the same document)
– Scale the foreground image
– Add ‘Vector Mask’ on top layer
– Change Opacity
– Use the ‘gradient tool’ from white to black  then click and drag from any are to the centre
– Up the opacity

This has definitely been my favourite workshop so far, I really enjoyed using my own images in relation to my theme to create these merged images. I am really pleased with their outcomes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 15.35.51.png


In today session were taught how to create motifs to turn into a repeated pattern. By grouping all the components together this enables you to copy and paste the whole image together to create a repeated pattern.

I achieved this by useing the following tools:

– Rounded Rectangle Tool
– Rectangle Tool
– Elipse Tool
– Fill Colour
– Gradient Fill Colour
– Opacity
– Object -> Pattern -> Make

Steve created a basic image of a air-plan using these tools, this was an example we could mimic then experiment with our own designs.
Here is a example of the image I created from this workshop.

screen-shot-2016-05-04-at-17-33-13 (1)