Amsterdam, Netherlands.

During my hectic work-filled summer holidays, I got the chance to visit Amsterdam in Holland as a early birthday treat!

As well as soaking up the sunshine, when in town we visited quite a lot of cafe’s and restaurants where I found myself obsessed with some of the modern and inventive interiors. From wall art to light fixtures I was completely in love and decided to look closer into colours and designs for interiors.
I made sure to take the time out to photograph a lot of them as this was huge inspiration for me for upcoming projects.

                                                                           C A F E


                                                                          B O C C A 
                                                                         C O F F E E –


These two cafes in particular really stood out to me as I love the minimalist choice of interior they have used. By taking muted, pale colours and adding things like shrubbery give them a modern twist and creates that contemporary look without too many colours of patterns.


I created some quick collages using similar colours and shrubbery. The background colours are pale, which makes the colour of the leaves stand out similar to the way they do in some of the cafes I visited.

I am going to develop these ideas further by created some designs and prints that may feature in any upcoming work!