After looking further into the brief. I decided to take the time to do some mark making to
get back into the rhythm for my upcoming module.
I recently bought some lovely watercolours and brushes from WH smith which I used to create some excited marks and patterns.

I used the colours –
Sap Green | Hooker’s Green Dark | Flesh Tint

I experimented with the brushes in different way creating fun and free hand motions. The brushes varied in width and size so this was to try them out and see what sweeps and motions work best when hand painting.


Level 5 ADZ5777 – Reflection

What designer do I inspire to be?

I have always found myself hugely interested in interiors and colour. I would love to one day design my own prints to be produced onto fabrics and furnishing for interior. I love to mix and create my own colours, I feel I can always research further into colours for interior and this is something that I thorouly enjoy.

Looking into all the different options I have within textiles industry is a useful way to look and all the different paths available at this stage. As a designer keeping my options open by looking into these industries could develop any interests I already have or influence me to look  further into ones I would consider I am less interested in.

I feel my main strengths in textiles would be print and dye. I enjoying colour blocking and designing prints.This is something I feel I can always expand and experiment with by the use different colours and textures.

I found myself pleasantly surprised when creating prints on photoshop and illustrator for our digital module. I would love to use the skills have already developed from these workshops in my upcoming projects and combining them with colour and dye.