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                          ” C O N T E M P O R A R Y   T R O P I C S   F O R   I N T E R I O R ”

I have decided to look at the theme “contemporary tropics for interior” for my module level 5 ADZ5999. I am mainly going to be looking at interiors and furnishing.

I love the light pink and pale background with green shrubbery being the main statement in designs and interior spaces. I have found inspiration from different medias such as; internet, library resources and shop research. I will use this inspiration to create more designs.

I recently came across some lovely Elle magazines in the library which were filled with some interesting modern and quirky interiors designs. I was very excited as some these rooms and interiors are very relevant to the current ideas I have for colour schemes and design ideas for my up coming project.

I have decided to look closer at some of the design ideas for interior I stumbled across whilst on my holiday over summer. I will use similar colours in my design and follow up the tropical theme I have decided on.




I also really love the use of these green shrubberies and plants in front of some of these lovely monochromes. I am hoping to stick to lighter colours but I will incorporate lovely muted tones for my colour blocking that will work just as well as these designs.





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