Brand Research – Timorous Beasties

Timorous Beasties are a textiles based company designing prints for home decor, furniture and wallpaper. The two founders Paul and Alistair work together creating a unique diversity of patterns with a vintage chic edge to their designs.

Image result for timorous beasties indonche collection
Although most of their designs being unrelated to my theme for this project, I have always had an interest in their company and work. I love the way they create these wonderful mirrored prints with the use of watercolours and the technique marbling. I still catch my self by surprise at how astonishingly beautiful their work is amazed by there new collections, I will always adore this company.

I have recently stumbled across their latest collection.” INDOCHINE “

I feel as a designer colour is very important and the ability to create diverse colour ways like the way TM have below, is an aspect of design that takes a lot off consideration and to be open with experimenting in colour.
I am very fond of all of the designs from this collection, interior based textile something I thoroughly enjoy researching and I always become more inspired from when looking at more own work.

I absolutely love these two grey prints below. It portrays the delicate construction of branches and leaves especially the very intricate design on the left. With only the use of two colours the prints are very strong and beautiful.



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