Field – Week One

Module ADZ5888 / Circle line: Experimental Documentary


To kick start a new term and new field module we were assigned to meet as a group with out lecture Chris Glynn in the heart space. The study group I chose for this term was ‘Circle line: Experimental Documentary’. I decided on this group as I had no experience what so ever with the making of film or media, especially not experimental ones as such. I was very interested in the idea of documentary also. After watching some of the short experimental films as smaller assigned groups this gave me a good idea of what this study group is about and super excited for the upcoming project.

Within our study group we got the chance to visit Insole Court in Llandaff and take a look around. We were taken on a tour of the beautiful house and during my time there I documented some photographs to collect inspiration for the project. This turned out to be a very useful trip as me and the others in my group came up with the idea to look at lightening, shadows and reflections as our theme for our experimental film.
Below are some of the photo I like best out of the ones I documented that day.


Thursday we spent the day planning. As well as watching some more experimental documentary films online to give us a better idea of what was expected, we also discussed what we would be doing the following week when collecting footage and images to create our films. We will be spending the following Tuesday travelling to Brecon Railway and the journey up there will be our circle line.

We spend part of the afternoon in a workshop, this was set up to help us with the provided camcorders. These camcorders will be used to record any footage or document any images we think could be useful for our selected theme.


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