Field – Week Two

Module ADZ5888 / Circle line: Experimental Documentary


Today was out trip to Brecon where we would gather all out footage and clips for our film. Every group would be joined by a composer from the Royle Welsh College of Music and Drama, their role would be to collect sounds and noises to play as a background for our experimental documentary (film).
We took a steam train across the mountain which was very beautiful and perfect way to gather some clips, unfortunately the weather was very grey resulting in a rather foggy and dull day. We knew as a group we would have to find the time to collect some more clips as we needed the write weather for out theme.

We spent the afternoon in a a workshop on the the software Premiere Pro. I’ve been using it to do my film. This was the first time I had ever used the software and I feel with more practice and the useful hand outs I will hopefully get the hang of it.
One thing I really like about using this editing program is that you can layer your images effectively and use the key frames to play around with the density of the image. It’s a very useful technique I hope to use a lot of for my film.


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