Print Workshop – Week 1

This was our first workshop back in print and I was very excited start. I spend the morning exposing my screen ready to print with.
Whilst waiting for my screen I used the dye bath technique to dye my fabric. I wanted to create pale colour to use a background for my print.

I am really pleased with how the colour of the fabric turned out, I was worried when the fabric was processing in the dye baths that they may turn our too ark but they turned out exactly as I had hoped. I will use this technique to create with my fabric even more ready to print on to.

This was a practice go using my new prints. This was just on spare fabric but next week i am hoping to print on the fabrics I have already dyed. I am really happy with how well they came out!

Once my fabric had dried, I ironed all all the creases ready to print onto to. I tried a dark shade of pink on to of my light pink fabric and a dark green against my yellow fabric. I was uncertain about the colours I used here and after creating more prints I decided that these were my weakest prints I produced in the workshops.

I experimented more with bolder and braver colours using my prints which are documented in my technical file. I tried to play it safe when dying my fabrics and colour mixing but in fact my prints were used to there full potential when I used more interesting colours.

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I also used this workshop time to create some lovely mono prints also. I created this effect by rolling ink onto a glass plate to spread the ink out evenly and then placing a blank piece of paper on top of the ink and finally tracing over a drawing of mine which producing this outline print. The fainter ones are where I rolled over with a clean roller what was left on the glass plate. I like how delicate this ones look.


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