Roath Park Conservatory

Following up yesterdays tutorial, I decided that I need to gather some more drawing and photographs of my selected theme ” metallic tropics”. This well help me when selecting my imagery to create my collection for our current module making connections. I took this opportunity to talk a walk down to Roath Park and take a look around the conservatory which holds many tropical plants, flowers and even some sea life.

I will try and use some different media as well as pencil to recreate some of my drawings. I will use some wet media to create some mark making also.


Metallic – (Tropical Metallics)

I decided after some tutorials that my theme needed an update and to try and make the theme more personal to myself and to make it more importantly original. I feel by changing something to do with colours like metallics, this could give my collection a unique style.

I have research into metallic interiors and is a very current trend in living room spaces and interiors. I would like to create prints using my imagery on interiors using some of these foils and metallic colours.

I mainly found my inspiration to look at metallics from some of the foil prints I created in my print workshop,  I really liked the pink and the blue coloured foils as these we relevant to my colour board.

I am going to develop this idea by producing more imagery using things like metallic pens and playing around more with foils. I am hope to order more foils to using in my upcoming module after the holidays and create more imagery to work with.

Convergence – Jackson Pollock.

Image property of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.
Image property of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.

For this weeks constellation lecture we were all asked to select an piece or an artifact that suggests an idea or what meaning it may have behind it. Some will be selected and discussed about these ideas.

I looking at the Jackson Pollock piece from 1952 and I think that this piece could express the idea a distressed mind. Although very abstract and beautiful, I am unsure of the idea behind this piece and think it would be very interesting to discuss any thoughts about the meaning of the painting in class with my peers.

I do know that Jackson Pollock began to number his painting through the years rather then naming them. This is one of his earlier pieces.