Throughout this module, I have used research a lot and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking into and discovering all the different companies for interior, fashion and paper brand research. I think this is a very important way of keeping my eyes open to what’s on the market and on trend styles. I also found magazines and WGSN was a very useful way to also keep up to date with the latest and upcoming trends.

When first looking at the brief for the start of the module I was sure I wanted to into interiors and had a good idea of the company I would like to create my collection for. I was pleasantly surprised that after further research I discovered a company that I had never heard of before and this intrigued me to look further into. I am very pleased with this decision to try something new. The company I will be creating my collection for is Harlequin, this company uses a lot of bright colours and bold patterns and I will be manipulating these colours with my own prints and designs.

I decided to go straight into designing and creating some drawings ready to print with. I experimented with a whole lot of different techniques, from simple fine liner drawings, to screen printing to foils and flock. In stitch, I have been experimenting a fair bit with free machine embroidery and the use of digital stitch in our workshops. This technique is something thought worked really well and would love to experiment some more with throughout the duration of this module.

I am hoping to create my collection for a living room space, looking at things like cushions and throws. I tried researching to see if there were any types of fabric in particular that Harlequin used a significant amount of but the fabrics vary so I will carry on experimenting with different fabrics to see what works best.

So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing this project. I have found it really inspiring to see all of the different colours and prints designers use. I’m really looking forward for what’s to come in this project and some of the new techniques and skills there are to learn.


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BA textiles - Cardiff School of Art and Design

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