Field Level 5: ADZ5888

The Significance of Information
Lecturer: David Wrenne

Week One:
To start this one week project we were firstly put into small groups and each group would independently decide what topic they wanted to measure to create our diagrams.

We looked at the four following categories to measure:
– Percentage of people with phone on the table
– Percentage of people using there phones
– Percentage of people holding there phones

– Percentage of people not using there phones

The were documented in the 3 following places:
– Heart space, Library and the Zen bar

We then gathered the information we had collected and put the numbers in percentages in order to get a better understanding of size and scale when creating our diagrams. The brains on these 4 diagrams represent the amount of people doing what in each place we measured.

The phones wires represent a metaphor of how addicted the people are we using their phones. “Plugged in” to your phone.

As this Level 5 Field module is mainly based on collaboration and made up of all the courses in the Art and Design school, it is encouraged to bring elements of each discipline into the group project and collaborate by bringing our individual skill together when creating a project.

To bring textiles into this project we decided to create the brains using pieces of fabric we
assembled together and each different type of fabric is the different locations we recorded.

As the group was also made up of graphic designers we later then labelled the diagrams with percentages and the locations of each brain.




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