Field Level 5: ADZ5888

The Significance of Information
Lecturer: David Wrenne

Week Two:
Today we presented our diagrams we had been working on the previous week as a group to the class. We prepared for this by deciding who was going to discuss each diagram as their was four people in our group and four different diagrams.

In the afternoon we were given a one day project from David, we were put into smaller groups again and this time we were each given an article. We were required to create a story boards using images to visually describe what was happening.

Our article was about how the home furnishing company ‘IKEA’ had hit its absolute peak and their sales have more then doubled since last year. So the company decided to take a different route and work from recycled materials when creating their goods. A statement was also made how a lot of people and family buy more then they need in their homes and a lot of it gets dumped onto our landfill sites every year. Ikea are finding ways to prevent this waste by recycling.


– When presenting our storyboards we give the other groups a chance of guessing what it was about before we explained.

Workshop: with Stephan McCarth 
Pictographs – an introduction.
A way of creating visual narratives.

“Impoverish information is supplemented by a context which leaves no room for doubt as to identify” – Evelyn Goldsmith.
“Pictures, those whose details are clear to everyone are free from the limits of language: they are international” – Otto Neurath. (ISOTYPE)

This workshop was based on pictographs and what they can be used for. We were shown some examples of what some of these symbols mean and to get a better understanding  for this workshop. we started by reading through and highlighting points we believed were significant in this article and made statement. These points were then used to create a story using only pictographs.

Our article was mainly based on Donald Trumps recent rain of terror and his plans to “build the wall” along the Mexican boarder to stop Mexican immigrants entering the United States.

Donald Trump
Building a wall across the Mexican boarder

Plans on taking money from Mexican to build the wall
Talking to Mexican president in the white house about these plans

Mexicans don’t know if they’ll be imprisoned or not
Families scared and worried about where they’ll end up

Donald trump trying to stop Muslim’s from entering the US
Refusing visas


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