Field Level 5: ADZ5888

The significance of information
Lecturer: David Wrenne

Week Three:

At the start of week we were required to propose some ideas on what we would be basing our projects around. I brainstormed several ideas but the one the stuck out most for myself and David in my tutorial was the research into sweatshops.

This is something I have always felt very passionate about and would like to learn more about, so this is an opportunity to research and discover further into sweatshops and produce relevant information about these sweatshops to the class.

– I started by researching any information I could with relevant stats and figures. This would give a clear understanding of what my topic is about when presenting it to the class and in my tutorial. I also looking up some companies that own factories and workshops in poor conditions and pay very little money to their workers.

Some conditions to work in for some of these companies were very poor and one occasion even resulted in the tragedy that was the Rana Plaza disaster that let the factory in Bangladesh due to poor cracks in the building and decay that was left unnoticed or better still ignored by the company even after workers notified on several occasions.

The death toll from the factory building collapse in Bangladesh could reach as much as 1,400, it emerged today.

As many as 900 workers are still missing six days after the reinforced concrete of Rana Plaza in Savar, near Dhaka, crumbled around them.

Around 3,000 workers – mainly young women who made cheap clothes for the likes of Primark and Matalan – had gone to work in the eight-storey building last Wednesday morning, despite huge cracks appearing in the walls the day before.

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Developing Ideas
I wanted to focus this week on how exactly I intend to present my work and the overall layout plan. I scribbled a few ideas as well as sharing them with the class and would like to move on to making them as soon as possible.

– I am hoping to present the information on things like t-shirts, cushions and bags. The items and the material I will be using for this project with be gathered from charity shops or collections from friends and course mates that are will to help donate for this project. I also planning to create some of the items myself like the pillow cases and bags using spare or scrap materials.

This is a way of recycling old and unwanted materials and giving in to buying more ‘throw away fashion’ especially for this project. I want the message to be clear that things can done without funding these big companies even more and promote buying old or used things to create something new.

imageI have decided to go with these final ideas and produce a body of work that is based around recycling old and unwanted fabrics and materials.

To prepare for my presentation I am going to research some other facts about sweatshops and I plan to pass my final products around the class. I am also going to explain exactly what a sweatshop is in case there is anyone unsure in the class.



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