Field Level 5: ADZ5888

The Significance of Information
Lecturer: David Wrenne

Reflective Statement 

When starting this terms field module I was very apprehensive about what lied ahead and was uncertain on how I could make it work for myself. I found as the weeks went on that this study group was very different from my initial thoughts and that the projects could be used to our advantage. I agree that figures and data can sometimes come across as a bore, so by making it more fun and visually appealing takes away this dread.

I was excited to discover that each week we would begin with new a group project and this made it easy to quickly process ideas. As each study group is made up of student around CSAD this was a useful way of combining all the different skills from each discipline and sharing ideas with individuals in your groups.

I was pleasantly surprised with the team efforts that were incorporated in each project this term. I was very disheartened with some of the projects I took part in previous study groups due to the poor communication in the team and some individuals lack of enthusiasm when making our end products. I found that every group I was assigned to put in 100 percent efforts and made sure to attend every week. I feel this is very important when in a group and being a committed team player.

I had the impression that the title of our 3 week project would be assigned to us, fortunately  we all had the opportunity to independently decided what our projects would be based around which was great. This meant that I could incorporate something I feel very passionate about into my work.

The title I chose for this projects was sweatshops and this is something I was really excited to start and research into. I have always been interested in the topic of sweatshops and used the information and facts I had researched not only to educated myself but expand the knowledge to the class when presenting my project. I would hope that after presenting all the information I have research that a second thought will be given when buying into “throw away fashion”.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed researching my topic and independently decided how we would present this information. It was very interesting to see what other people had produced and when given the same information completely different concepts where perceived. I am very happy with my final outcome and hope that I can use some of the skills I have learned from this field module in my further studies and reflect of the brilliant ideas I have combined with my own.


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