Term Two – Making Connections

Starting back at subject was super exciting after such a long break and now my four week module for field is completed I can dive back in to my project. Over Christmas I used this time to update my files and book with the feedback I had been given, things like annotating, labeling and rearranging my research and technical files. As well as carrying on with my sketches to create more imagery to play with when I start back.

I started by reading over the brief to refresh my understanding of what was required from us for this term. As mentioned in a previous tutorial with Helen there were elements of my concept boards that needed to be updated and it would be a good idea to create new ones.

– I made the misunderstanding of what was required for one of the boards and created a company profile board instead of a customer profile board. My final outcomes provides the correct boards, I combined images from the company profile to get a feel of what the targeted customer looks like on long side my chosen company Harlequin.
– I also didn’t place my colour palette on to these boards as I wasn’t happy with the colours I chose, my final boards will display the my colour palette that I decided on and I  am really happy with the final colour scheme.

I have a more recent post with my new concept boards, I think the slight alterations made huge difference as a whole to the boards and I was thoroughly looking forward to displaying my new and improved ones.

I wanted to get a head start of myself before starting back at the workshops so I decided on the imagery I wanted to to put on to a screen and prepared the images ready to be put on a screen for Wednesday.
I will be using two different designs to print with and I plan to experiment with overlaying using foils and screen printing. I am hoping for a very minimalist effect so will be working on light coloured fabrics and possibly pale wood as I think this will work well in addition to my colour palette.


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