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Making Connections – Subject

As we were starting a new term, today was all about revisiting previous library inductions with Martha and making use of the many books our library has to offer. By taking a look around at the different books this may help inspire and generate new ideas for our themes and upcoming project.
We were required to select three books that we believe will be useful for our current practice and take these home to analyze.

My theme is Contemporary Tropics and this is mainly based around interiors. This task was a great opportunity to have a look at some interior space and see what other theme have emerged throughout the years in this area.

– The first book I looked at was ‘Inspiration Tricia Guild’
I found some of the colours in this books particularly interested as they were very similar to my colour palette

– The second book was ‘Surface and Finish’ – A directory of materials for interiors.
This book was full of interesting designs and patterns I found very inspiring and it broadened my mind to the different materials that can be used when designing.

– The third book I found was ‘Inside Minimalist Interiors’.
I am hoping to possibly use some of the room plans like the ones below to create some new contemporary designs and patterns. I love the simplicity of some of these room and will be also creating a minimalist space for my upcoming project.


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