Types of Pattern Design (Continued)

I have continued to find my own examples of different pattern designs we learned from Tuesday morning lecture. A list below shows more examples of my findings:

The most important basic textile design. Abstract; stylised; realistic.

Ethnic of Folk
Also known as folklore; peasant; provincial. Includes all forms of plants, flowers, birds, animals, human figures, scenic subjects, geometrics. Can be highly stylised, realistic, sophisticated, naïve.

Designs of only one colour with white. Modern and traditional.

Derived from patchwork quilt traditions. Also appliqué patterns that appear to be stitched.

Classic blouse-sized florals, often with a fine outline. Originally from Liberty’s of London.

Realistic or stylised motifs that tell a story. Can be campy and fun or sophisticated and high style.

Imitates the wax resist effect. Usually exotic florals and ethnics.

Composed of abstract shapes such as squares, triangles, circles. Can be very ‘free’ or mechanically set.

Also known as madder, tie-silk, cravat. Carefully drawn, geometrically styled floral, paisley or Persian motifs


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