Print Workshop | Week One

Subject – Making Connections

To start back our new term, we dived back into our chosen workshops for the following weeks. I started with print, I was keen to develop some of my designs onto a screen and begin with my printing. I feel that I am most comfortable in print and was very excited to get started for this term.

I decided to go with two drawings from my design book to be developed onto a screen. One slight more simplistic and the other intricate.

Whilst waiting for my screens to be developed I began with mixing some colours from my colour pallet ready to print with. I went four different colours from palette. (First, fourth, fifth and sixth). I feel they complimented each other strongly as a group.

I started printing with just the one colour at first as I was unsure how the prints would turn out and I printed this on a thick card as I wanted to practice on materials other then fabric. I like the colour of this background against my prints and I especially like the composition of the circular design.

Now I have tried my prints out I began using my other colours and fabrics, I even tried some different fabrics like some of the ones below.

I particularly liked the turquoise and the dark green colours I used as they portrayed that contemporary feel I wanted to come through in my prints. I feel that white fabrics I used worked best alongside these colours. I also tried overlapping my two prints and I think it worked particularly well with a tropical feel.

The top two prints were fabrics were experimented on different types of fabrics and I feel they did not turn out as well as I had hoped due the clearness of the print.


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BA textiles - Cardiff School of Art and Design

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