Guest Speaker

Neil Hubbard
Designer for Heatherwick Studios
Established by Thomas Heatherwick in 1994

Making up things
“Design is solving a problem”
“Every brief gives you an opportunity to do something new. It is not a problem to be overcome, but an opportunity to invent and be creative.”
“Some things don’t need making, but designers can make them happen”
“Know your content. KNOW YOUR BRIEF.”

The Hive University Building – Singapore
A fully concrete University building without edges of corners to encourage interaction among students in a centralized communal space. I found it interesting to hear this was build on a budget of car park.

Bombay Sapphire Distillery – Basingstoke
A beautifully designed green house as part of a renovation project that expresses Bombay Sapphire’s use of natural herbs and spices in their distilleries.


UK Pavillion, Shanghai Expo – Seed Cathedral
A fiber optic building encasing seeds in thousands of glass rods, this meant they glowed within.

London 2012 Olympic Cauldron
A cauldron made of over 200 copper kettles each representing a country participating in the Olympic games that forms into one. After the games each country was presented with their kettle.

My Thoughts
It was very interesting to hear the motives behind some of these designs. I feel it was important to understand that the beginning idea process is a key stage when designing. Overall I felt it was was very inspiring to see some of these cleaver and inventive designs and would love to read further into this company and keep myself updated with some of the amazing current and ongoing projects.


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