Print Workshop | Week Two

Subject – Making Connections

I started this weeks print workshop by experimenting with new background materials to print with. I came up with idea to use wood as a base so I collected different scrap pieces that I feel would compliment my prints and my colour pallet.

I decided to stick to the one design when printing on a new material. I am happy with the outcome and I feel the simplicity of the pale wood against my tropical design works very well together. I feel the colours worked perfectly in addition to my contemporary theme and this was an experiment I will definitely carry out again in the future.

In the afternoon I wanted to bring back in some of the foils I used in the first term. I wanted metallic prints to be an element of my theme and thought I would revisit this technique using my new designs. I decided to select a small amount of designs to be layered with foil, I feel it will work better as a whole for a collection with just a handful of prints being used for this technique.

Due to my print being fairly busy, parts of the foils did not come out as well as I had hoped but I think the colour of the foils against my prints harmonize nicely and this was just a refresher for me. Overall I feel I am happy with the results and a small amount of the designs I produced I feel are strong. I will be using some of them to be mounted for my final collection samples.


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