Croquis Design – Studio Lecture

Subject – Making Connections

This mornings lecture was based on croquis design, This is a type of repeat pattern that you can do by hand, (first sketch, rough draft, outline) making it a basic but effective way of creating a repeated pattern. This technique has been around for a number of years and the majority of textile designs are first painted out as a croquis.

Their is a huge variety of different compositions that can be used when creating a croquis design such as set designs, stripes, tossed/free flowing, or borders. We were shown some examples in order for us to gain a clearer understanding of what we were required to produce when creating our own croquis. Scale and proportions within the motif is something we were expected to experiment with.

We were all given an exercise that enables us to experiment with some of these patterns and motifs, like creating a family of coordinating designs. The motifs within our designs are not expected to be the same, the colourways we create can tie coordinating designs together as a whole. It is also required to create a design that varies with different colourways to show variety and understand how drastically colour can effect a design or motif.


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BA textiles - Cardiff School of Art and Design

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