Croquis Design – Workshop

Subject – Making Connections
Croquis design exercise.

Following up our studio lecture on croquis, we were all set an exercise to try out some of these techniques using our own designs. I starting by tracing over a sketch from my design book and using the half drop repeat to create a motif, I changed the direction of the print in a following design.

– The above designs were created by tracing over a watercolour drawing from my book that I thought would be particularly interesting once colour had been added and for the second part of the exercise that involved different methods like collage and reassembling. This was the border croquis technique that we had been shown and I wanted this to be a simple design. I feel once the image had been manipulated and reassembled it was a lot stronger and the subtlety was portrayed exactly how I had hoped.

– The last part of the task in the exercise was to create three motifs that work well as a collection, I decided that the first designs I created using lino would work better for this exercise as they felt very minimalist and contemporary which is the base of my theme. I created four designs as my collection as I feel they work better as a whole with my design having four images to work with. Overall I am very happy pleased with the outcome of these motifs. I feel the collection part of this exercise was more successful.


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