Print Workshop | Week Three

Subject – Making Connections

I began this weeks workshop by experimenting with a different printing technique. I purchased some artificial leaves online that I thought would be useful for this project and decided to try out the press in the other print studio.

I used two different coloured inks to mix together the turquoise and the forest green hues from my colour pallet. I starting by rolling the ink onto my leaves (this was tricky due to the thickness of the stems). I then placed paper below and above the leaves and began rolling then through the press.

I am very happy with the final outcomes using this technique. I had hoped for a subtle, faded print when I placed paper below the leaves which is exactly what was achieved. It was a shame that I couldn’t find any real leaves to use through the heat press which is what I had hoped for but overall I think this technique is strong and work very well with artificial leaves.

I plan to develop these prints further by turning the prints into a motif ready to be made in a repeated pattern. Although I am happy with the result of the more faded prints I plan to use the darker ones as a motif as I feel they will work much stronger as a repeated due to the density of the ink.

Back working with silk screen printing –
I spend the duration of the afternoon experimenting more with screen printing. I decided to try out using two colours in one print to create a different effect.

 I changed the direction in which the dye was pulled through as you can see right and top left. I personally think the right print worked the best and I feel this could be used as a repeated pattern design. I will hopefully try out different colours from my colour pallet in further workshops.



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