Harlequin – Show Room Visit

Whilst on my visit to the Chelsea harbour interior show rooms yesterday, I was ecstatic to discover my chosen company for this module Harlequin, had a showroom there. I was frilled to get the opportunity to see the fabrics first hand and thought I would do a separate blog post as I spent a significant amount of time inside here.

I mainly focused on the fabrics and wallpapers this company specialize in, I loved how easy it was to sort through all the fabrics on display and being able to touch and feel each one in the flesh was amazing. I was mesmerized by all the colours and designs that I had never discovered before and even came across collections I have researched previously throughout this module such as Tempo, Tresillo and my favourite collection Amazilla.

I photographed fabrics I found particularly beautiful, as well as ones that related to my colour pallet and my concept boards.

I made sure to photograph some of the different colour ways and designs that work in a collection as this is a method we have been carrying out when creating designs and croquis samples for this module.

I was also very appreciative to find that free samples where sent to you upon request and I selected five different samples in store that I found interesting. I will document these fabrics on arrival and I am excited to recieved them. I plan to display and collage some of these samples onto my concept boards.

Overall I am completely overjoyed with my time spend at the showrooms and felt supper privileged to have spend time looking around the Harlequin studio and even order some of my own fabrics samples to keep.


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