Dissertation Proposal – Reflection

Constellation Level 5
Dr Ashley Morgan

To begin our dissertation for third year, we were required to select an area of study to propose to give ourselves a a head start when writing our actually essay. It was a decision I feel took a lot of research and thought and I decided for my dissertation I will be looking at the commodity fetishism within the textile industry and consumer culture with the issue that is ‘throw away fashion’. Examining the behavior of the consumers to see why exactly so many are (as I said previously during my proposal) unaware or more worryingly unconcerned about the journey in which their clothing has been through before it has arrived in shops for them to purchase.

I love fashion and as a individual with such drive and passion for clothing I have always given a second thought about the background of the companies I consume my clothing from. I feel this is something that is rarely thought about, especially when items are considered as affordable and good value for money by other consumers.

I feel the initial research played a massive role in deciding on my area of study for this proposal, with this area being my second choice I firstly chose a subject that I thought would be interesting to research and study but after long attempts trying to narrow down the subject to a specific title it was proven to be very difficult. This was partially the reason why I decided to change.

I was influenced to go with my current title from other studies in university. During the start of term too I took part in the study group ‘The significance of Information’. This was a independent project which required us to look at a specific title which was to be decided by ourselves. I looked at sweatshops and pollution within the textile industry, which was a very interesting topic that I thoroughly enjoyed researching throughout my project.
This inspired me to take it further and develop the knowledge I have learnt from and use it when writing my dissertation. I am now very pleased with my final decision and believe I made the right choice by deciding on a title that was personal and interesting to myself.

I have looked a number of journals upon met search which were very useful prior to writing my proposal. I felt it was best to learn as much information as I can around my chosen area in order to get a better understanding of what I was going to be writing about. I looked mainly at peer reviewed journals, books and even articles. I feel the journal section at the library was very relevant to my title and to look at how enticing fashion and clothing is portrayed to the consumers which is why so many are impulsive buying to fulfill their passion. These fashion trends and phases add to the every growing textile waste issue that is every growing whenever an item is considered no longer fashionable.


Reflective Statement

Subject Level 5 – Making Connections
Spring/Summer Collection 2017 – Contemporary Tropics

It is closely coming towards the end of my ‘making connections’ module and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time throughout this project working, on my collection for my chosen company. I feel it has enabled me to discover my own sense of style as a designer and I have learned so many new and exciting techniques that have helped me decide one all the different paths that are open for a young, inspiring designer. I have learnt what elements of Textile Design are best suited to my style and I have come a long way since the beginning of my studies.

I was extremely happy to hear at the very start of the module that the theme for our project would be selected by ourselves, I feel this was a perfect opportunity to chose something we are interested in and a way to connect to our work. This was something that were to be decided swiftly so I spent my summer searching for inspiration that could help me select a theme.

I also done a significant amount of research on WGSN which helped me a lot with deciding on something that was on trend and fresh. I read that tropics was a up-coming theme for Spring/Summer 2018 so I decided to put my own twist on is inspiration I found myself. Over the summer I also took a trip to Amsterdam where, I came across lots of new and exciting interior ideas within some restaurants and cafes I visit. Some were beautifully minimalist with huge potted plants and other greenery hanging or displayed around the room which I thought was very edgy and stylized exceptionally. This trip played a massive role in my inspiration for this project and helped me when selecting my colour pallet.

It feel the brand research at the beginning of the project was very important when deciding on our chosen company.  I have always been interested in interiors in particular but I felt it was very useful to look at a variety of other brands that were ‘on trend’ at that time. I believed I was certain when it came to choosing a company, but was pleasantly surprised when researching to discover a brand I hadn’t came across before and this changed my decision completely and I absolutely love the brand I have chosen.

When it came to designing this term, I decided to bring forward elements of the course I feel are my strongest and develop them further. This for me was print, I have experimented with a lot of different print techniques throughout my time at university and I have produced a significant amount of work I am pleased with. I decided to try a different technique term when creating samples for my collection and I played around with the press and some artificial leaves I had purchased for this project. I created one print in particular that really stood out to me so I decided to turn this into a motif ready to create some repeated patterns with.

This in fact turned out to be a design I felt was very strong and I decided to experiment some more with this pattern. I manipulated scale and placement of the leaf using some of the different layouts we had been shown in previous studies. I really liked the simplicity of the white background and the bold green print. I feel it works beautifully in addition to my modern and contemporary theme. I then took this further by adding more imagery onto the design which was a watercolour drawing from my design book and aslo by experimenting with colours to work with my theme. I thought by bringing in the pink from my colour pallet it would gave the designs that small pop of colour which was minimalist but made a huge different to the design collection as a whole. 

I decided last term that I wanted to bring metallics into my theme and experimented a bit with foils and the heat press. I found the final outcomes I produced using this technique to be strong and wanted to carry them on this term. One of my favourite fabrics samples from my collection would be the pink screen print and foil design. I messed around with overlaying and the placement of my prints and found that my leaf print worked very well with this and I thought it pieced my paper designs with my fabric designs so well that I decided to select this for my 12 samples.