New Colour Board

Subject – Making Connections
Term Three

In response to my feedback I decided to make a new colour board and colour pallet using colours I will feel would freshen up my designs if I were to incorporate them to my previous colour pallet. I still like the subdued and muted colours I have used in addition to my theme but felt like it needed sprucing up a little. I especially like the yellow and the mint green within the colour pallet.

My feedback was very constructive in giving me new ideas to improve and update my theme. I am very happy with my new colour board and I am looking forwad to presenting it for my upcoming final hand in.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 17.06.37 copy


Formative Feedback – Response

Subject – Making Connections
Term Three

I have been so busy with the third year degree show that I have not had the chance to revisit my work from subject. I have received my feedback which overall I am very pleased with but would like to take the time to properly reflect on how I can improve certain elements using the feedback that have been given.

I am keen to re-submit some work during my free time and have used this time to think of some ideas for my third years project. I feel the feedback was very constructive and has broadened my mind to new ideas.

One part of my feedback that I was hoping to improve was the comment about my colour pallet being quite “samey’. I thought this would be a good chance for me to bring some other bright colours into my pallet and create a new colour board.

I am also hoping to try and create some new motifs to create some more designs. I will try to combine these with previous motifs in an attempt to freshen up my previous designs with new ideas.

I will update my blog on any new changed I have made.

Buddy System – 3rd Year Degree Show

Subject – Making Connections
Term Three

Second year is almost over and in preparation for the third year’s degree show, we were paired with a buddy to help them complete their final projects. I was paired with Aniqah, who was basing her project on a fashion outcome. I was really looking forward to seeing the third year’s spaces and getting the chance to experience what the degree show would be like from a second year’s perspective.

The two weeks were pretty growling (to say the least), their with a lot of physical activity like moving furniture and clearing the studio at the start of the week. I feel this was a good way to motivate me and my Level 5 group and get us working together to complete tasks.

I spend the start of the week sanding, filling and painting my buddies wall as well as any other third years that required my help. I felt it was important to work as a team and I wanted to make sure that not only my buddy could use me as a helping hand but the other third years could also. I sympathized for them when their buddies didn’t show to help them complete their projects.

I helped my buddy in a number of ways to make sure it was complete, I mounted and headed samples, used magic tape and the sewing machine to complete the samples and even helped with the organisation of my buddies files, which I understand more than anyone how stressful the little things can be.

I feel the had work definitely paid off and it was amazing to see all the girls work. I was surprised at how diverse and original the projects were with a variety of different ideas and designs. I am really happy with the final outcome of all the projects, it was rewarding to see everyone complete in time and being pleased with their own work.

Overall, this was proven very stressful and hard work at times but I am glad I got to experience this and feel I gained a lot of skills in preparation for my degree show. I am looking forward to the future and feel a lot more prepared to start in September!