Presentation with Consultants – Final Collection

Subject – Term One

Today was the day I finally handed in my final collection for my consultancy module. I was put in a group of four, presenting to tutor Anna and Consultant Sarah Barker. I was very nervous at the beginning, as my presentation was in the afternoon I spend the morning writing up notes and preparing for my critique. However, the build up did create some nerves I normally deal with ok but today they seemed to get the better of me. Fortunately, I felt I spoke well in my tutorial and these nerves did not show.  I made sure to stand up straight and speak clear, not too fast – something I am very guilty of in previous presentations.

Here are some images of my final collection displayed in my space. I am very happy with how everything turned out and I love how strong my colours are – I think it makes it stand out and very gives me theme a sense of style. Looking back at some of the comment I think Anna and Sarah were pleased with my work, apart from a few comments that could help me improve some things, overall it was very positive and I am very excited to hear back on how I did.

I have documented the final collections from the others in my group. It was really interesting to see how everyone else’s final collections turned out and finding out more about their designs and where their ideas have sprung from. I normally voluntarily go first in groups for presentations but it was useful to see others go first and this helped my nerves a lot when it was my turn to present.

I will take some of the useful comments I was given and take some slight alternations on my work. Things like my gift bag print could be updated and a gold foil could be added. I feel it was important to see my work from a different angle and hearing all the comment and feedback helped me gain a perspective from an outsiders point of view.

Below I have recorded the other collections from fellow peers in my group. It is useful to see other’s work as a way to encourage myself and also use there work to keep myself inspired. I learnt a lot from other’s during this project and I will always try to encourage their capabilities as well as my own.




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