Module Reflection

Subject – Term One

In the beginning of this project, I was optimistic that working paper based was going to be suited for me, in comparison to my usual fabric and interior based work. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly I got stuck into this project and found that our research trips to London and the IG Design centre really encouraged me to exceed to my full potential in this project.
I wanted to really try and focus on who I am as a designer this year and highlight some of my strong points. I have always been very much interested in print and I wanted to use this project as a way to develop these skills further, pushing my own capabilities to the max. My project is mainly focused on printing techniques and surface pattern. Although, I have never really been confident in my digital skills in previous years, I seen photoshop and illustrator as a chore. This year I have confronted this fear and stepped out my comfort zone by using these programmes more and more. I have even borrowed a macbook for this project in order for me work at home, this has given me more confidence with working digitally and I feel I have produced a number of paper based designed that are very strong.

I have really enjoyed working with different techniques throughout this project, I especially like working with the lazor cutter and I have used this machine a significant amount when creating my final products. I worked with different materials like wood to create my gift tags and different paper weights when creating my cards. I wanted take my own twist on the brief and play around with paper, in combination with other materials. I feel taking these risks definitely worked out for the best.
I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with foils, although not featured in my final products I experimented with foil a lot at the beginning of this project and used them when creating my mock up products. I used a gold metallic spray paint as a finish on my final products and I think it gave my products that sense of luxury and made them feel complete. The foils helped me identity what I needed on my products at the beginning, in order for them correspond with each other and tie in an element that worked well on everything.

I have really enjoyed putting together my final products, I feel a sense of achievement seeing the finished products on display and this was a massive way of encouraging myself when looking back at the last final days before our hand in.
Overall, I have found this project to be very challenging but mostly exciting. It has opened up my eye to what I am capable as, as a designer, as all the opportunities available in the textiles industry. I will continue to use these skills I have gained throughout my final year.