Market Compeitiors – Primary Research 

Subject – Term One Consultancy

I decided to look a little closer at some of the market competitors I have chosen for this project and thought there is no better way than getting out there and gathering some primary research from these companies. I not only visited the shops but photographed some of there current paper products as a way to compare and see what is out there at the moment, this will give me a clear idea of what I would be up against for my final collection. I also picked up a few items that I found interesting and that have used techqniues I will be using in my project like glitter, metalics and lazor cutting. 






Final Moodboards

Subject – Term One

So today is the day we had in our completed moodboards. I have displayed my four different boards as well as some bits of work and some info about the design group. I decided to change my theme at the beginning of the project so I am pleased to have come up with some ideas for my boards and ways in which I can develop my project further using things like the lazor cutter and some other printing techniques.

Now with one mini deadline out of the way I am looking forward to the rest of the project and I plan to spend the rest of my weekend working on my sketchbook and getting ready for my very busy upcoming week.

Market Competitors – Research

Subject – Term One

I decided for this project that I will be designing for the Giftmaker Collection as this best suits my theme. This is a  high volume market brand, although commercial I will using a variety of different techniques and will be creating textures with foils and glitter to give it that luxury feel with the price.

I will be looking at other companies that also produce luxury like products but in high volume rather than ones that are related to my theme as I feel my theme is quite different. Hopefully this research will give me a better understanding also of what products are on the high street currently.

The Giftmaker Collection

This is the company that I will be designing for and how they use of lot of silver and gold for their products. This definitely gives it a luxury feel and especially their use of glitter, it has been very interesting researching their company. I found a handy little link on the IG website that shows more about their 2017 Christmas collection.
Christmas Collection 2017 – Giftmakers


A high street brand that uses a colour of texture and colour. I plan to use glitter and foils on my cards to make it that little bit more special and this is have give me a good idea of how I can achieve this on my collection.


I have looked at some of Tesco’s Christmas cards as they have used different techniques when designing their cards. I plan on experimenting with lazor cutting onto paper for this project and it’s interesting to see other high street brands using this technique. It gives it a luxury feel for a lot less of the price.





Subject – Term One


So after spending some time over the weekend figuring out how to develop this project further, I have been having thoughts about my theme and I think the initial idea is a bit broad. After speaking to Keireine today we both agreed it needed to be a little more specific, something that gives my theme it’s own style. I have decided to look a little closer for some inspiration and I have come up the the theme – Delicate Fall. I find the more fragile, delicate leaves very interesting and I like how some of the leaves are almost transparent. I think they would make some beautiful illustrations ready to be made into a print and I’m excited to get started on this new theme.

I have created a couple of mood boards as a way of developing this idea and I will chose the board that best fits this theme before creating my colour board and deciding on my color pallet. Since changing my theme I have also done some additional research to see if this is an arising theme and to also see who my competitors are. I will be creating a client profile board that fits the theme.


These close ups show an example of how I have overrlayed the images, this portray the delicate nature of the leaves I will be looking at for my theme. I plan on using things like the scanner and the light box to see if I can capture some light through the leaves and turn them into a print!


New Theme?

Subject – Term One

So I’ve been having a think about my theme and it’s a bit boring. I’m currently thinking of a way to spruce it up a little!

I know how Sarah is not a massive fan of Pinterest but I have had a little browse to see if I can find some inspiration and help me decide on possibly a new theme for my project. I have found some images that I think are quite interesting and intrigue me.

I find the frail, fragile body of the leaves very beautiful and I love how they portray a gentle and calming atmosphere behind the images. I want to maybe bring this mood into my theme and create a range of colours and designs that are muted and quite like these images but still try and bring my Autumn them with it.

I plan to try and use this new theme to create some mood / theme / colour boards and see if I can bring my own twist on the classic autumnal theme. I am looking toward to researching this some more and I will update any further developments onto my blog.


Subject – Term One

As part of my research for this project I explored more than the internet and decided to take a look around some of my local surrounding for inspiration. As it is currently autumn and I wanted to base my theme around a season. I thought it would be a great idea to use some of the amazing colours and textures that I have available. I love the naturally rough edges and shapes of the leaves, especially the fragile and more delicate ones.

I will be creating my colour pallet based on some of these photo that I have taken. I have heard frequently throughout the briefing of this project that the use of google images and Pinterest is not preferred so I have decided to take some of my own images when deciding on my colour pallet. Some of the image I have gathered have been taken in places like Bute Park and even my garden – could you believe it?