Module Reflection

Subject – Term One

In the beginning of this project, I was optimistic that working paper based was going to be suited for me, in comparison to my usual fabric and interior based work. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly I got stuck into this project and found that our research trips to London and the IG Design centre really encouraged me to exceed to my full potential in this project.
I wanted to really try and focus on who I am as a designer this year and highlight some of my strong points. I have always been very much interested in print and I wanted to use this project as a way to develop these skills further, pushing my own capabilities to the max. My project is mainly focused on printing techniques and surface pattern. Although, I have never really been confident in my digital skills in previous years, I seen photoshop and illustrator as a chore. This year I have confronted this fear and stepped out my comfort zone by using these programmes more and more. I have even borrowed a macbook for this project in order for me work at home, this has given me more confidence with working digitally and I feel I have produced a number of paper based designed that are very strong.

I have really enjoyed working with different techniques throughout this project, I especially like working with the lazor cutter and I have used this machine a significant amount when creating my final products. I worked with different materials like wood to create my gift tags and different paper weights when creating my cards. I wanted take my own twist on the brief and play around with paper, in combination with other materials. I feel taking these risks definitely worked out for the best.
I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with foils, although not featured in my final products I experimented with foil a lot at the beginning of this project and used them when creating my mock up products. I used a gold metallic spray paint as a finish on my final products and I think it gave my products that sense of luxury and made them feel complete. The foils helped me identity what I needed on my products at the beginning, in order for them correspond with each other and tie in an element that worked well on everything.

I have really enjoyed putting together my final products, I feel a sense of achievement seeing the finished products on display and this was a massive way of encouraging myself when looking back at the last final days before our hand in.
Overall, I have found this project to be very challenging but mostly exciting. It has opened up my eye to what I am capable as, as a designer, as all the opportunities available in the textiles industry. I will continue to use these skills I have gained throughout my final year.


Presentation with Consultants – Final Collection

Subject – Term One

Today was the day I finally handed in my final collection for my consultancy module. I was put in a group of four, presenting to tutor Anna and Consultant Sarah Barker. I was very nervous at the beginning, as my presentation was in the afternoon I spend the morning writing up notes and preparing for my critique. However, the build up did create some nerves I normally deal with ok but today they seemed to get the better of me. Fortunately, I felt I spoke well in my tutorial and these nerves did not show.  I made sure to stand up straight and speak clear, not too fast – something I am very guilty of in previous presentations.

Here are some images of my final collection displayed in my space. I am very happy with how everything turned out and I love how strong my colours are – I think it makes it stand out and very gives me theme a sense of style. Looking back at some of the comment I think Anna and Sarah were pleased with my work, apart from a few comments that could help me improve some things, overall it was very positive and I am very excited to hear back on how I did.

I have documented the final collections from the others in my group. It was really interesting to see how everyone else’s final collections turned out and finding out more about their designs and where their ideas have sprung from. I normally voluntarily go first in groups for presentations but it was useful to see others go first and this helped my nerves a lot when it was my turn to present.

I will take some of the useful comments I was given and take some slight alternations on my work. Things like my gift bag print could be updated and a gold foil could be added. I feel it was important to see my work from a different angle and hearing all the comment and feedback helped me gain a perspective from an outsiders point of view.

Below I have recorded the other collections from fellow peers in my group. It is useful to see other’s work as a way to encourage myself and also use there work to keep myself inspired. I learnt a lot from other’s during this project and I will always try to encourage their capabilities as well as my own.



New Moodboard

Subject – Term One

A U T U M N  D A Y S
Crisp, cold autumn days spent adventuring the woodlands and snuggling up warm in front of the fire with family.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 12.00.54.png

I have been meaning to update my mood board for a while now and have come a long way from my original idea and board. As I have changed my colour pallet, I wanted to create a board that really brings out that crisp, autumnal feel through and create something that was eye catching and bursting with warm autumn colours that shows exactly what my theme is about.

I feel this new board has definitely brought out the true sense of the autumn season and is much more suited to my project. I am currently at the design stage for my prototypes and mock ups, my new board has give me that motivation and I am looking forward to creating my final products.

Ribbon – Final 

Subject – Term One

I have been unsure how to finalise my ribbon for a while and I have struggled with making it coordinate with the rest of my products for my final collection. I have experimented a fair amount with fabric dying this term, this has helped gain me a sense of direction with my colour pallet.

I have experimented with fabric dying and played around with colour a lot at the beginning of the project. I have now decided to dye my own fabric for my final collection. I wanted to use this deep red from my colour pallet as I think it brings out the true autumn feel to my collection. I have also used organza fabric with a gold spray painted finish to create a double layer ribbon. I think the contrast from the gold organza underneath the deep maroon corilated perfectly and I like the simplicity of my ribbons as a whole.

Gift Tags

Subject – Term One

I have been experimenting some more with the lazor cutter this term, I am hoping to use this technique when creating my final products. I will be creating leaf shaped tags made from wood and I want to create a final on it with gold spray paint and etching. I found great difficulty setting the machine to cut straight through the wood and after many attempts I finally created some worthy to be my prototypes. However, they cut through the centre of some of the tags and they wasn’t what I wanted exactly. This was very good practice for me and I’m glad I spent time playing around with the machine and making sure to get then right. The mock up were perfect for my mini product board.

Gifttags – Mock Ups

Final Tags
– Before adding the finishing touches on top! 

I finished off my tags but using some off cuts from the lazor cutter with other experiments. I wanted to try and the get the most out of all the materials I used and use some of the waste. I think they made lovely texture and create very realistic leaf shapes textures on top of the wood. Finally, a gold, metallic spray to finish off the tags

I am very happy with my final gift tags and the idea to have used wood. I think with an outside, nature based theme this material works perfectly and ties in lovely with my cards and my bows for my final collection.

Greeting Card – Final

Subject – Term One

As I worked through each and every product, I saved my card until last as I assumed this would be the easiest to create – I came to realise I was so wrong!

The greeting card plays a massive role in tying my collection together and is actually one of the most important products. I wanted to create something that felt very luxurious and premium. I decided to revisit lazor cutting, as this technique worked so well on some of my other products I wanted to use it on my card to bring everything together. The pattern on the card a design I created for my gift wrap sheet, I really liked the raw edges of the leafy pattern I created and I thought these edges would stand out really well when cut through on to paper. I also wanted to carry on with the use of gold spray paint as a way to finish off this product, it really captures the shape of the leaf and represented the crispness of the leafs in autumn time.

For the envelope I wanted to keep this plain, I went with a design from one of my gift wrap rolls and finished with one of my gift bow leafs attached to the card. I think the two products work perfectly side by side and adding an envelope to the collection really finalises my greeting card.

Paper Workshop with Martin Burnell 

Subject – Term One

This weeks workshop was all about creating our own boxes and packaging cases from scratch using different types of card and paper. I have been practicing with paper folding to try and create my own at home but this workshop helped me figure things out. As we have to create our own gift bags / gift boxes for our current project in subject this workshop was incredibly useful and helped me highly as I am currently at the stage of creating my prototypes.

I created a variety of different shaped boxes from cake boxes, to gift bags and I came out from with workshop with my own stencils to recreate more. I found some of these different shapes very interesting and it has inspired me to try and create a different shape bag for my final collection.